How Gen-Z’s appetite for change can help employers | CFO Dive

Elizabeth Flood
December 21, 2022

Adaptability is the hallmark of Generation Z'ers who are coming of age in a time of flexible work, housing crises, and high-prices.  Honing in on this adaptability is key to anyone who wants to work with Gen-Z.  At @RookCapital, we realized that the housing goals in this generation are at the same time similar and different from the Baby-Boom generation whose ethos STILL defines housing finance.  

On the one hand, Gen-Z'ers want to own a house but they don't want to go it alone or sit on a house for 30 years.  That's why we created a way for folks to get into the right houses without a ton of down and without being saddled with imposing payments in a mode of shared equity/shared risk/shared reward.  

It's high-time that housing finance understands the new way of thinking about life's big decisions.


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