Residential real estate has moved on-chain.

At Rook, we’re helping DeFi investors off-ramp their money into the stable asset of real estate. Diversify your DeFi portfolio and put your money to work.


Crypto is quickly becoming a household asset class for institutions and retail investors alike. We see it as a modern day secondary market of capital.

Uncorrelated crypto assets experience incredible volatility. Backing your crypto up with real estate brings the stability of traditional markets to the blockchain technology of the future.

Tokens are just getting started. At Rook, we’re exploring ways to create the membership programs of tomorrow through this new medium. 

Let’s face it: crypto is here to stay… but it doesn’t have everything figured out yet. 

At Rook, we believe that DeFi is a modern take on age-old financial concepts. Wider adoption of blockchain investing is coming, but it will only succeed if there are sensible asset classes to invest in. 

As we have seen, tokens offering out-of-this-world returns are often too good to be true and may even be regulated out of existence soon. 

The future of DeFi is about responsible investing. Bringing America’s largest asset class to the blockchain is just our part in building that future.

Buy shares in homes and cities entirely in crypto

Be part of a regen community that gives back by helping families with home affordability

Become a part of a web3 community of homeowners — the neighborhood of the future.