Residential real estate has moved on-chain.

At Rook, we’re helping DeFi investors off-ramp their money into the stable asset of real estate. Diversify your DeFi portfolio and put your money to work.


The world of crypto is a fast-paced investment landscape that’s home to countless high-risk, high-reward opportunities. But many crypto investors are looking to store their gains in less volatile assets.

Bringing real estate to the blockchain will provide DeFi investors with a store of value that’s significantly more stable than anything out there today. Real estate will one day be a cornerstone of portfolio diversification for crypto holders - just like it already is for traditional investors.  

This influx of “new money” is the perfect companion to eager homebuyers who may be daunted by the steep rise in home prices. 

Buyer, meet investor.  

Crypto is real money. Gig work is real work. And real estate is a real investment.

At Rook, we help homebuyers leverage their crypto portfolios to invest in real estate.

With plans for NFT drops, the introduction of a governance token, Rook is a web3-forward platform with big plans for the future.

Probably nothing….

No industry has weathered more market downturns with persistence and panache than the crypto world. Many invest not only to make money, but to also work towards a vision of a better world. 

This vision usually includes communities co-investing alongside each other towards a common goal. Community is a huge part of the crypto ethos - some would even say it’s the biggest shift crypto has introduced over traditional investing.

Homebuyers in need of help with financing, or existing homeowners looking to tap into their home equity to help pay bills, are financial causes that crypto investors can get behind. Especially in a world where faceless institutions are buying up homes that should be going to families.