The Elephant in the Real Estate Room

November 14, 2022

We’ve been reading the news too.  And yes, there’s carnage out there.  The stock market is whipsawing, crypto currencies are in trouble, and housing- yes housing- is the source of skepticism, angst and layoffs.  Mortgage companies are folding and sending out SOS signals, real estate agents in some areas are talking about softening prices in what has otherwise been a ten-year bull run, and mortgage rates combined with high prices are scaring people away from the market.  We see it. We get it. And we are being thoughtful about it.

The proverbial elephant in the room cannot be shoved to the side and we cannot pretend it’s not there.

Rook is a platform that brings community-based investors and homebuyers into partnership.  We partner with prospective homeowners in a powerful model – the Shared Value Investment™. We share risk and reward. We share common cause along the entire lifecycle.   

We pick the communities we invest in carefully, after data science modeling and trend analysis.  We are judicious in our deployment of capital and are responsible stewards of our investor money in this market and in this important mission.

Even in down markets, millions of houses are bought and sold in the US every year.  A good year can be above 6 million houses.  A bad year, the number can be closer to 4.5 million.  But people and families still buy houses, communities are still built, and smart companies still prosper.

We cannot react only to the current moment.  Haste makes bad decisions.  We are here for the long-term.  We are here to support an entire swatch of American families that face daunting realities in their quest towards home ownership. This group has over 10 million families. 10 million.  They need just a little nudge, a bit of help and partnership to buy a home.

We understand that all people are questioning investments. Some are battening the hatches, others are thinking twice or thrice.  Everyone has to do what is right for their own situation.  But carnage is not the only story.  We are working with Family Offices, individuals, and employers who are excited about this model and what it can do for communities.  We work with eager investors who want to join together to support the mission while earning great returns.  We talk to homebuyers every day who are intent on making their dreams come true.

There are multiple stories out there.  Some pessimistic, some optimistic. For the most part, families just want to cut through the noise and land themselves in great communities so that they can go about building big and fulfilling lives.

Take a look at Rook.  If you like what you see, then let’s talk. 

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