Events and Communities in Real Estate: The Rook Experience

September 8, 2022

We believe in community and we believe in events.  They share commonalities in so many ways.

Over the next few months, Team Rook will be at Blueprint, Housing Wire Annual and MBA.  Some people ask us, as an early stage company, why we invest time and money in events.  It’s a fair question, though one that suggests an antiquated view of events themselves and certainly one that misses the forest for the trees around our core mission - building Community.

In PropTech, events play a very important role in the industry.  They are a gathering place for thinkers, investors, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and for “the old guard” who are working on transforming their traditional organizations.  To date, Rook has benefited enormously from our presence at events; from the perspective of “marketing mix,” events will continue to be about a quarter of the pie.

The role modern events play in the ecosystem include meeting and circulating in communities of influence, imbibing content with others and not as atomic beings behind a screen, and transacting with like-minded organizations - that is what we get from our investment of time and money.

But mostly it’s what we do at Rook - building Community.  Full Stop.

We hope to see you at Blueprint, HWA, or MBA and if not, then perhaps at another event soon.


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