When everyone can invest in a home, everyone can own a home.

By investing in a Rook City PoolTM, we make it easy to access a diversified portfolio of single family residential real estate without all the hassle.

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Rook City Pool™

The Rook Pool seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation through an actively managed portfolio of local single family residential investments while helping get people into homeownership.

Invest Smarter - Benefit entire local communities

We make it easy for you to invest in single family residential real estate without the hassle. The bonus is that you get to make an impact in your local community by supporting young families who need some support to buy a home.


ESG investment opportunity that supports home affordability in your local community

Capital Appreciation

Investments in single family owner occupied real estate at a ten year term

Single Family Residential

The largest and most resilient asset class in the US market

How it works

We make it easy for you to invest in single family residential real estate in your local community without all the hassle.

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The bonus is that you get to make an impact in your local community.

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How we impact the community!

How we impact the community!

When you invest with Rook, you are helping real people buy their first home; you are a partner. By investing in home opportunities usually taken by large institutional investors you can help take back control of the housing market. You can make homes for people. These same investments yielding 9 -12% per year will be available to you.

We’ve had it with Wall Street buying up Main Street. We’ve had it with rising interest rates, ridiculous prices, and a housing market that makes it impossible to even dream of owning a home.  
That’s why we’re changing the game. We’re making it so you can make your community more affordable for everyone while earning on the upside. We need more homeowners and fewer renters. We need to build our communities and not price people out. Becoming a Rook Investor helps you ensure young families can afford to live and lay down roots in communities.

It’s time to help people over institutions. Invest in your local real estate community with Rook and make a huge impact. You’ll help families afford houses while diversifying your portfolio and earning on the market's upside. There’s a lot of upside to be had when you become a Rook Investor. Not only does it make investing in real estate affordable, but it helps communities thrive.  Join a community that is truly helping families afford to live in the community.

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