We are thrilled to announce Rook Capital has been acquired by Legacy Group Capital.    Read more here.

By investing in a Rook City PoolTM, we make it easy to access a diversified portfolio of single family residential real estate without all the hassle.

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Delivering Healthy Returns Through Real Estate Investing

Access single-family home equity investments in price resilient and fast growing markets while simultaneously supporting local families and community-building via home ownership.

Why is the Legacy Platform the Right One.

With a proven track record in real estate investing, Legacy is steeped in a history of delivering impressive returns with no investor losses.  Whether your goal is to achieve high returns, ensure stability, or enjoy the flexibility of liquid assets, our thoughtfully curated real estate investment opportunities cater to a variety of investor preferences.

Invest Smarter - Benefit local communities

We make it easy for you to invest in single family residential real estate without the hassle. The bonus is that you get to make an impact in your local community by supporting young families who need some support to buy a home.

Capital Appreciation

Investments in single family owner occupied real estate in strong price resilient markets


Impact investment opportunity that supports home affordability in your local community

Single Family Residential Real Estate

The largest and most resilient asset class in the US market

Rook City Pool™

The Rook Pool seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation through an actively managed portfolio of local single family residential investments while helping get people into homeownership.

Who is This For? 

Customized options - - built for a variety of investment profiles


Smart capital and Social capital join hands with “Community Capital” to generate financial and social returns.

Family Offices

Rook brings a new paradigm for community-focused home equity investment- “Community Capital.” As a Family Office you have ROI needs and social goals. With Rook they are combined uniquely.


As a trusted advisor, you want to help your investors with proven investing opportunities.  We have demonstrated a consistent track record of returns that are secured by first liens on real estate in strong resilient markets.

Individual Investors

As an individual investor, you want the upside of real estate investment without the hassles or stigma of landlordship.  You also want to “spread your bets” - Rook offers you that flexibility.

How we impact the community!

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