Get into the right home, right now

Let us help you find a great home that meets your budget.

With Rook's Shared Value InvestmentTM you can purchase a home with as little as 5% down, while enjoying lower monthly payments.

See how much home you can afford with Rook!

Get into your home sooner and with less down, while enjoying lower monthly payments with the Shared Value Investment from Rook.

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Home ownership is the American Dream. 
That dream is for everyone.

Now you can own a house, bring less money down, have lower monthly payments, and live the American Dream. To do so, you partner with local and community investors and share in the equity. It’s a true partnership, with shared reward and shared risk.

Today - become a homeowner

Start your home hunt today - Rook will provide upfront capital, so you can bring less down, have lower monthly payments, or simply get more house! 

10 years - build a community

Enjoy the benefits of homeownership while enjoying the benefits of financial freedom. The portion of the financing provided by Rook comes with no monthly payment!

When you sell - share the value

Sell on your schedule and when you do, we’ll share in the appreciation in your home’s value. As house prices go up, we both win.

Why Rook?

We create a way to help you get into the right home, while offloading some of the financial burden.

Avoid costly mortgage insurance

Augment your down payment with Rook’s contribution to avoid PMI. With as little as 5% you can receive 15% to boost your down payment. 

Purchase the right home that meets your needs

Open the door to more homes by boosting your purchase power. We’ll provide you with up to 20% of the purchase price.

Reduce your monthly payment

There is no interest or monthly payments with Rook’s contribution; this means a lower monthly payment.

Live where you want

Unlock new neighborhoods, communities, and locations that were once just a dream.

Save more money

Save thousands of dollars with our Shared Value InvestmentTM. Invest in your future or put it away for a rainy day, the choice is yours.

Build your wealth

Construct a robust financial future by growing your wealth through equity in your new home.

Our team has created innovative financial solutions for a new generation of homeowners.

How to get started

Join forces with a group of local partners

Bring your own agent or we’ll introduce you to our vetted network. Get pre-approved with our lending partners.

Find the right home 

Now you can own a house, bring less money down, have lower monthly payments, and live the American Dream.

Finance your new home

We work together to finance your new home with flexible options that fit your lifestyle. 

Enjoy homeownership 

Make a competitive offer and enjoy homeownership. No interest, no monthly payments for 10 years.

Let us help you find a home that meets your budget by tapping into Rook's SVI and the additional buying power it provides.

Let us help you increase your home budget by partnering with Rook's Shared Value InvestmentTM. Determine your purchase power below.

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