Everyone should be able to be a homeowner. With Rook, everyone can. 

Rook combines the best elements of traditional real estate finance and decentralized finance to create a people-first platform for home affordability.  

You are “this” close to owning a home but can’t cross that last gap.  With Rook, you can make your move.  Get started now!

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Home ownership is the American Dream. 
That dream is for everyone.

At Rook, we created the Shared Value Investment™ to help make this happen.  Now you can own a house, bring less money down, have lower monthly payments, and live the American Dream.  To do so, you partner with local and community investors and share in the equity.  As house prices go up, both of you win.  Both you and the investor create prosperous communities and buck the current trend.

Rook created a modernized mortgage to tackle these challenges

Introducing Shared Value Investment™

The Rook Shared Value Mortgage offers a clean alternative for homeowners.  With no monthly payments, and a more streamlined and technology-driven process than traditional sources, Rook helps homeowners diversify their most significant asset.

Shared Value Investment™

It’s like doubling or tripling your down payment except there is no monthly payment for what Rook invests. Yes, you read that right, no monthly payment. Rook partners with you to buy a home in exchange for a portion of the equity in your home. As your house appreciates, we both win. If your house depreciates, we both lose. We’re partners. True partners.

We built a way that offloads some of the burden of financing a home and partners with you to enable you to buy a home where you want.

Buy a house now

Buy a house now- Rook helps you get into a house now, with ease and less red-tape

Start building real estate wealth

Join the real estate party and build your wealth with the world’s largest asset class.

Partner with us on a down-payment

You are *this close* to having enough for a down-payment. Partner with Rook to bridge the gap.

Stop wasting money on rent

Don’t throw good money after bad.  Start building a financial future with your new home

Home Ownership is Not Just a Dream Anymore

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