How the High Cost of Housing Is Creating a Wealth Divide (

Lauren Bird
October 11, 2022

This article ties the lack of homeownership to being on "the wrong side" of financial inequality.  Yes, homeownership is the most reliably proven method to build wealth and to pass wealth on from generation to generation.  The indices are clear and they sting.

Still, homeownership seems a distant dream to many Americans, even ones gainfully employed.  Many families need a bit of help/a small nudge to get into the right home.

Enter @Rook.  Through our Shared Value Investment (TM), a prospective homebuyer can get up to 25% of the house's cost from Rook-- and guess what else-- you don't have to pay a mortgage on our contribution.  This translates into less down/smaller payments/more house.  We do this to share in the equity appreciation with you. Shared risk/shared reward.  Win-Win.

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