Gen Zers increasingly fear that homeownership is a hopeless dream (

Kelsey Neubauer
November 23, 2022

The headline says it all.  Generation Z fears that homeownership is a hopeless dream.  Let's be blunt- that is a bad sign because homeownership is both the foundation for community but also a massive element in generating wealth.  

Traditional ideas don't help- in fact they've created the bind we're in.  We need something new and innovative that takes the best of all worlds and allows prospective homebuyers to partner with community-minded investors to build communities and live richer lives.

That's why we built @Rook.   Rook's "Shared Value Investment" gives you just the right nudge to get into the home you want with less down, less payment, and in a partnership with aligned investors.

Check it out.  @Rook.

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