Make your home work for you.

For homeowners, Rook is a simple and affordable solution that allows you to diversify your biggest asset and use its equity to build your bigger life.

Does my home qualify?

Becoming a homeowner is
a major life milestone.

Most people who are lucky enough to own a home have lots of equity but are spread so thin they find themselves cash-poor and equity rich -- with all their wealth tied up in a non-liquid asset.
Tapping into all that equity requires going through a bank’s painful and outdated process and adding yet another monthly payment.
Until now.

Rook created a modernized mortgage to tackle these challenges

The Rook Shared Value Mortgage offers a clean alternative for homeowners.  With no monthly payments, and a more streamlined and technology-driven process than traditional sources, Rook helps homeowners diversify their most significant asset.

Introducing the
Shared Value Mortgage™

Shared Value Mortgage™

It’s like any other mortgage except there is no monthly payment. Yes, you read that right, no monthly payment. Rook partners with you to get you easy access to your equity in exchange for a portion of the future appreciation of your home. As your house appreciates, we both win.  If your house depreciates, we both lose.  We’re partners.
So it's a mortgage? Yes, with a twist. Here’s why.  Since the real estate financing ecosystem is built around mortgages, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and be “disruptive” for the sake of the word. Instead we built a better wheel that offloads some of the burden of financing a home and or accessing equity. This is not a new exotic financial product to understand. It’s a mortgage. But one that partners with you to enable you to access your equity and diversify into other investments.

Upgrade now, pay later.

Rook helps homeowners pay for upgrades to their existing home, enjoying both the immediate benefit of an improved lifestyle and the future financial returns that come with upgrades and renovations.

No monthly payment.

Unlike regular home equity loans, Rook is a mortgage with no monthly payment, allowing borrowers to keep personal overhead low. Borrowers can pay off the loan when it makes the most sense to them.

Diversify and decrease risk.

While real estate has been a historically reliable investment, for many families, it becomes their only, major investment. Storing all of their funds in a single asset comes with risks. By sharing some appreciation of their home, they can diversify their least diverse asset.

Unlock cash for other life priorities.

Pay down debt, buy a vacation home, fund the kids' education---the choices are endless for homeowners to put cash to work where they value and need it the most.

We give you easy access to your equity without the hassle.

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Complete an application

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Move on with your life!

Does my home qualify?